Anne Franc de Ferrière-Chollat: our public beaches are very small jewels

March 18th, 2013

To: Bowen Island Mayor, Councilors and CAO.
Re: private docks versus public beaches

Your worship and councilors,

Do Bowen Islanders want to relinquish the use of their public beaches to waterfront property owners who have the means to built docks 6 (six) meters from the beach access?

Given the expectations of the chamber of commerce for Bowen Island to be a green destination is that the way to please the tourists from far away lands who come to see a natural landscape, to be lead between fenced trails to beaches occupied by private docks and their boats. Is this the place for young children to play in safe waters, for picnickers to enjoy the natural wonders of the public beach, for weddings taking advantage of the romantic seascape, as well as the safe exit point in case of cataclysm (BI Neighbourhood Emergency Plan)?

Our public beaches are very small jewels, very few and very far from each other. How can we allow having any one of them to be disfigured by any private dock? Having pristine natural seascape polluted by private docks is having a cake and eating it at the same time! Private docks have been prohibited from private beaches for a very good reason.

Sincerely yours
Anne Franc de Ferrière – Chollat