Video: how big is the dock at Lot 13?

TheCapeOnBowen defends their floats, but says nothing about their wharves

In their recent ad in the Undercurrent, the owners of Cape Roger Curtis address what they call “unrest that appears to have grown over some misunderstandings and misinformation” about their docks.  They reassure us that “the largest float is designed for a 37-foot boat, and the float itself is shorter than the boat, at 32ft x 12ft. The floats are similar to the sizes typical of the average docks around Bowen Island.”

They decline to mention that the little dock will be attached to the end of a 275-foot wharf standing over 20 feet high, and a ramp that will be 56 feet long.

In a video posted a few days ago we showed a person on the footings when the tide was covering two of the foundations. Here’s what it looks like when the tide is out:

The wharf will run all the way to the farthest point where the person is seen standing in this video (at the two minute mark). There the 56-foot ramp will begin. The first float attached to the end of it may indeed be 32 feet long. And likely it will be towed away for the winter. All that will remain on the untouched shores to show a human trace will be a giant pier, unused for most of the year.

We hope The Cape on Bowen Ltd. will acknowledge we are not misrepresenting their floats, and let’s talk about the docks: wharves, ramps, floats and all.


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