John Dowler: CapeOnBowen’s values don’t jive with docks

To TheCapeOnBowen

I admire the spirit of your website,, and the environmentally sensitive aspiration that it expresses.

Our group is trying to prevent the installation of four industrial sized docks across the intertidal zone at Cape Roger Curtis. We feel that the docks will collide with the values expressed on your website. Meanwhile we’ve built a site as well that describes our views on what is going on.

While this may feel provocative, I sincerely believe that leaving the Cape shoreline free from the large built structures will also help you fulfil the vision described so eloquently on your website and in your promotional materials. It will also create a much more rare and higher valued property.

Please let me know that you’re aware of the site, and how the construction of the docks would fit into your vision statement.

Thanks very much!