Response to Lots 1 and 14 Dock Applications from André Chollat

Senior Land Officer
# 200, 10428 153rd Street

Re: Application for Crown Land Tenures by ZONGSHEN (Canada) Environtech Ltd of 1500-885 West Georgia St, Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3E8, for private moorages covering Lot 1 (DL 1548, Group 1, NWD, BCP 43260) and Lot 14 (DL 1548, Group 1, NWD, BCP 43260) situated on Provincial Crown Land located at Bowen Island. Land file # 2410880 & 241 0881.

July 22nd, 2013

Dear Sir or Madam,

My wife and I firmly oppose the present applications for Crown Land tenures for private moorages at Cape Roger Curtis on Bowen Island by ZONGSHEN (Canada) Environtech Ltd for the multiple reasons presented hereafter and we ask the Honorable Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources operations to reject all such applications.

To the surprise and consternation of most islanders applications for several moorages at Cape Roger Curtis on Bowen Island were granted in the past year with total disregard for our letters of opposition in March 2012 (to all parties involved) with the reason for our opposition. The work for the moorage is now in the process with all the damage to the seashore, public beach and the destruction of the environmental integrity of the foreshore of Cape Roger Curtis. Covenants and repeated guarantees have not been respected and no environmental control is being provided to prevent such destruction (see letter to read and delivered to BIM mayor and Council by Tamsin Miley 22 July 2013).

Here are our four main reasons to oppose the disposition of Crown Land for private moorage:

  1. A functional reason: Any moorage on the open seashore of Cape Roger Curtis is contrary to sanity and logic, given the destructive power of the sea elements during the winter storms. It is the reason that there was no such construction in the past on all that side of Bowen Island (see letter of Richard Wiefelspuett, Naval architect with relevant experience in offshore and structural engineering, here attached).
  2. A legal controversy: to allow private use of public land and access to public beaches for the construction of moorage structures which disrupt public activities by land and by sea is against the expressed desire of most Bowen Island residents entitled by law to the use of foreshore and beaches.
  3. Good governance: in the past private moorage were allowed where no access to property was possible by land. The property owners at Cape Roger Curtis have ample access by land and no imperious reason for a private moorage for access by sea as many moorage facilities are provided on Bowen Island for all boat owners. Why should there be a precedence created by such applications.
  4. There is a moral duty for the government and agencies responsible to maintain and protect the public domain and the environment for the citizen at large against the encroachments by any entity for private interest without substantial return for all. Here a corporation with foreign interest is preempting the interest of Bowen Islanders and all British Columbians to satisfy the pleasure of private individuals without consideration for the damage being done to the environment, the well being of wildlife at sea and on the land. This is being done with your ascent without any compensation now and in the future. This is morally wrong from the ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources operations to allow such development to happen. We are to protect Cape Roger Curtis for the next generation, it is our duty.

We ask you to reconsider any application for such demand within the parameters of the reasons above. We shall do anything in our power to stop any development, this is our reason to oppose any moorage application.

Sincerely yours,


CC: STEVE THOMPSON, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources operations
BIM mayor and council