Council Over-ruled Staff Recommendation to Reject Cape Roger Curtis Docks

July 24, 2013

Bowen Island Undercurrent

Dear Editor:


The Stops the Docks campaign has received BIM Documents on July 22, 2013 under a Freedom of Information Request.

In the Planning Department Report of June 25th 2012, BIM staff recommended that Council pass a resolution “that the Province be requested to withhold approval of all private moorage applications at Cape Roger Curtis” pending extensive studies (paid for by applicant) about the impact of dock applications along that coastline. This report was submitted to Council on June 25, 2012. Council elected to convene a closed meeting (no members of the public allowed) and, in that meeting, ignored the very clear recommendations of its planning staff and permitted the docks at Cape Roger Curtis. The report from staff included the following:

“In this case staff are of the view that while the uses are foreseen in the LUB, the cumulative impacts of this development may be in contravention of the zoning and of the OCP. The size and scale of the individual applications, their location immediately adjacent to the points for public access to the sea, their cumulative environmental and aesthetic effect if extended along the coastline, the precedent that their approval would set and the potential for significant impact to the CRC coastline are of significant concern. The incremental approval of applications in the absence of a vision for the future of the coastline is not a preferred solution.”

A full copy of the staff report will be placed on the stopthedocks website.

Through a copy of this letter, we are asking BIM Council to explain:

1. Why did Council reject staff’s recommendation to NOT APPROVE the Cape Roger Curtis private docks?
2. Why were Council’s meetings on the Cape Roger Curtis private docks held in secret sessions closed to the public?

Yours truly,

Nerys Poole
(on behalf of the stopthedocks campaign)

cc. Mayor and Council, BIM