Bowen Island Council Resolution – June 25 2012


At it’s Closed meeting held June 25, 2012, Bowen Island Municipal Council unanimously adopted the following resolution:

It was Moved and Seconded
That Bowen Island Municipality recommend that the Province require all applicants for moorage applications at Cape Roger Curtis and surrounding waters complete the following studies prior to considering approval for same:

A complete review of the options available for moorage for this neighbourhood, and the development of an overall “vision” or approach to moorage along this coastline. This could include options such as neighbourhood moorage or communal moorage in lieu of private docks ;
A review and assessment of environmental and coastal impacts, aesthetics, views and safety;and
A review of the compatibility of private docks and public access points and the impact of the docks on public access along the beach;and

That Bowen Island Municipality recommend to the Province that the above noted studies:

Be undertaken by qualified professionals;
Be completed to the satisfaction of the Province in consultation with Bowen Island Municipality;and
Identify alternatives for moorage, with recommended options based on the impacts identified.


Kathy Lalonde
Interim Chief Administrative Officer