Where Will the Docks Go?

Here is a map of where the docks are planned to go. Around them you can see the lease areas. Effectively, these are zones of public exclusion. Even if people continue to swim or boat within these zones, they will need to get around giant docks and breakwaters.

Graphic map show location of six docksSee videos of the locations

(new applications for Lots 1 & 14 not yet shown)

There is also an application for a dock at Lot 6 – currently not shown on this map.

Footings have already been poured, despite a request from the Bowen Island Municipality to wait until plans have been reviewed. Below are photographs of recent construction on the dock at Lot 13 (Don and Isabella Ho), done immediately following a letter from the municipality instructing that work not commence without further consultation.

Crews are at work – though work has temporarily stopped. It is not too late to at least pause the process while we find out the facts of how the approval was made and what legal means can be used to prevent defacing the largest accessible intertidal zone on Bowen Island.

Graphic art by Will Husby. Videos by John Dowler.