Here are background documents to various aspects of the prospect of docks at Cape Roger Curtis.

Decision of BC Supreme Court re Docks Bylaw Lawsuit

March 31st, 2016 Court Decision: Shu Lin Dong and Zhen Wang v. Bowen Island Municipality (PDF)

Legal Opinion Obtained by StopTheDocks

May 23, 2013 Legal Opinion (PDF)

Information about the Docks

Final Designs for Lot 13 Dock: these diagrams for the longest dock were finally release in late May. They correct longer dimensions released to the public earlier, showing that the dock is 400 feet in length.  Lot-13-Dock-Final-Design-9 (PDF)

Bowen Island Municipality Documents

BIM Report Moorage Facilities 130204RC5-1a

Who we are

Stop the Docks is an affiliation of concerned citizens opposed to the construction of private docks on the public shoreline at Cape Roger Curtis (the “Cape” or “CRC”). We seek to keep the Cape in its natural state for public recreational use and enjoyment, to safeguard habitat protection and to maintain safe and navigable waters.  We have over 1250 signatures on our petition, over 95% of who are Bowen residents or property owners.  Collectively, we are all saying ‘Stop the Docks’.  To see what was presented to council on May 24th regarding who we are and why we are here go to the following page:

Who we are