Video: Eelgrass garden under the waves

This video describes eelgrass, an important part of the marine ecology and an established feature of Cape Roger Curtis. It is especially important to have healthy beds of eelgrass as the area recovers from industrial activity elsewhere in Howe Sound.

From the video: “The effects of human activities are always a concern. Eelgrass reduces shoreline erosion. It stabilizes sediments, and plays an important part in recycling nutrients. Docks, breakwaters and other developments can upset these natural processes.”

“Upland developments, pollution and even anchoring boats can be harmful. In Washington, eelgrass meadows have been vanishing in Puget Sound.”

Special measures will need to be enforced at Cape Roger if the docks go ahead, to minimze their impact. We would prefer to eliminate that risk entirely, as the docks benefit so few people and have raised objections from so many.