Give them some love!

Council to vote Monday March 16th

MARCH 2015

For a couple of years now, Bowen Islanders have been asking Council loudly and clearly to stop dock building at Cape Roger Curtis. The shoreline of the cape has long been treasured by Bowen Islanders, because of its pristine, rugged, windswept beauty, with rock pools and many pocket beaches and swimming beaches as well as great nature watching. And it is also an important draw for tourism on the island.

Now before us them a clear, simple resolution of Council that could finally show clear resolve on the part of our island. It siezes on our rights and duties as owners of the public foreshore at Cape Roger  and declares to the Provincial Government that we do oppose dock building there. Council will vote Monday on a resolution to say no to more big docks at Cape Roger Curtis. You can read the resolution here.

Bowen Island councillors who are voting in favour of the resolution are showing courage and the ability to hear the public. Let’s show them some love! They’re not alone – communities up and down the coast have said no to big docks for years. But on Bowen, they still will take some heat for their positive decision.

Join us at Council Chambers on Monday, March 16th to encourage them to support the resolution. Let them know you care about the issue and about them. Encourage those councillors who might otherwise vote against the resolution and for the status quo to reconsider in light of your keen interest in the topic.

Council convenes at 6:30. The will be in a closed meeting from 6:35 until 7pm, then return to public meeting.

If you can’t make, and even if you can, why not send them some moral support…

We’re still in it to win it!