Gordon Reid Says Undeveloped Waterfront a Huge Asset

There is news! The District of West Vancouver’s Land and Property Agent, Gordon Reid, has this to say about the Bowen docks bylaw:

It seems that the Municipality is determined to create bylaws to allow docks. This is very unfortunate and shortsighted. Once privatized this public land area will never be returned to the public.

Municipalities spend millions of dollars to build, maintain and replace public infrastructure such as playing fields etc. The foreshore provides this same public amenity at no cost to the taxpayer. All that it takes is for the municipality to enact legislation to protect it and they will have a highly valued asset that is in existence in perpetuity with no cost or maintenance.

The District of West Vancouver has completed its Park Master Plan (June 7, 2012) and one quote in regard to the foreshore that speaks volumes is section 3.4 which reads: “The long spectacular waterfront is one of the District’s most unique and treasured assets. It is also very well used, as indicated in telephone survey. Protecting, enhancing, celebrating and ensuring access to the waterfront was among the key themes of focus groups.”

I think the Bowen Island municipality should include this language in any policy related to the foreshore and not allow any new construction of any kind on the foreshore that would be used for private purposes.

Please forward this to those people at the municipality and in the community who have an interest in this matter.

Thank you

Gordon Reid

P.S. Undercurrent – please publish this in the next available edition.

Gordon Reid