Melissa Harrison: presentation to Council, May 13 2013

Melissa with sun hat and clear glasses on the beach at Cape Roger CurtisFollowing up on the meeting of May 6th, Melissa Harrison presented the following to Council.

Thank you for the opportunity to follow up with you about the docks at CRC.  We were happy to learn that Council opposes the construction of these giant docks at Cape Roger Curtis.  We would also like to thank staff for responding to requests for information.

I’d like to reiterate that we believe that the coastline there is a high quality public recreational amenity.  There’s nothing else like it on the island.  The CRC developers’ own literature promotes the value of the foreshore in its pristine state.  They call it ‘the untouched shores’ of Cape Roger Curtis.  And things like the statutory right of way and ocean fronting lands covenants confirm the value of maintaining the shore in its natural state.

To put the size of the docks in context, Judy McLeod has suggested a limit of 37sqm.  The lot 13 dock is planned to be over ONE THOUSAND sqm above that suggested limit.  If built to plan, it will be more than ELEVEN THOUSAND sqft.   The main wharf is over 295 ft long and will stand more than 23ft high at the low tide mark.  This is unlike any other private dock on Bowen or anywhere else in the region.  These extraordinary dimensions alone provide a strong rationale for this Council to give further consideration to these docks before construction proceeds.

We encourage Council to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent the construction of these or any docks in that location.  Our petition has gathered around 800 signatures since it was initiated, only a few days ago, so Council can be reassured that, for the community this is a very important issue and that the community stands behind Council in taking all steps necessary to prevent the building of the proposed docks.

We encourage you with great urgency to pass a resolution today or in a special council meeting that will instruct staff to initiate a bylaw or other action that will designate the CRC shores as a no dock zone.