How Big Will They Be?

Each will be longer than our ferry. One private dock will be as long as the height of a 40-storey building.

Docks of any kind will degrade the wild coast experience of Cape Roger Curtis. But in particular, the size of the docks is highly controversial.

These visualizations, drawn to scale, are based on the approved applications of the owners at the Cape. They help express the size of these industrial-sized structures. They will loom over the public foreshore if we fail to persuade the owners to abandon the projects.

An aerial map shows locations, each linked by a line to a side view showing the wharfs towering over little stick figures.

In a demonstration on the May long weekend, we displayed ‘The Red Carpet’ – which extends the same distance as one of the Docks under construction at Cape Roger Curtis.

An old wooden library building with a wet green lawn. In front, a sidewalk extending far into the distance, with a bright red banner standing beside it and stretching far away.