Katherine Wolters: Dock construction on this part of the Bowen coastline does not make sense

May 22, 2013

To the Bowen Island Municipal Council:

I am extremely concerned about docks that the Cape on Bowen developers have been given permission to build. I am not normally against the idea of private citizens being allowed to build reasonable docks and arrange for personal moorage, but the docks to be located at Cape Roger Curtis are of such an extent that they will impinge upon the public’s right and ability to enjoy this natural area and its recreational features. Dock construction on this part of the Bowen coastline does not make sense due to the extremes of weather and currents. The breakwaters and pier-sized docks and increase in concentrated boat traffic will negatively impact the foreshore environment by altering current and wave patterns and introducing local pollutants. I believe that it is not right that structures to benefit a few people should impact the three public beach parks, the magnificent view and the shoreline that is enjoyed by many Bowen Islanders and by visitors on land and on the water.

I don’t believe that the Bowen Island Council has properly explored all mechanisms to halt the construction of the docks. I don’t think that our Council has stood up for the public it represents on this Island. I am asking for the Mayor and Council to put a stop to the construction of the docks.

Yours Sincerely,

Katherine Wolters, R.P.F.
Bowen Island, B.C.