Kathryn Thomson: Good neighbours consult with each other

Dear Mr. Ho and Mr. Lee:

I understand that you want to build large docks on the foreshore of Cape Roger Curtis, and that you have applied to the Provincial government and have been given the right to do so.  For the owners of any of these lots it would be very desirable to have private, flexible access to these exclusive homes and properties by yacht.

I also own private property and would like, someday,  to build an addition to my home; and  of course there are permits and by laws that restrict my ability to build just anything.   These by-laws are in place to make sure an addition conforms to building guidelines and standards. But  I think there is also an implicit expectation that modifications to my property will also comply with what I’d call neighbourliness.  Good neighbours consult with each other about big plans on their property that could negatively impact those around them.   We live in a close community and what we do does have a real  and often intimate impact on those around us.  A legal permit to build something doesn’t necessarily equal moral license.

The pristine shoreline, the marine biodiversity, the beaches, and the iconic lighthouse point are all at risk with the construction of these super- size docks.   The truth is, the intertidal zones belong to everyone; and it just feels so wrong to me, at so many levels, to be constructing docks like this in such a unique and increasingly precarious ecosystem.  Also, the degradation of this foreshore won’t be very appealing for all of the property owners at the Cape who don’t have waterfront access.  It seems to benefit so few people.

I hear that others in the community feel this way too and there are over 750 signatures on a petition asking the government to put a moratorium on the construction of your docks.

I am happy that you’ll be part of our diverse community.  We are quite a feisty and opinionated population as you know.   But our hearts are in the right place.  And I do hope,  in the spirit of neighbourliness, you’ll reconsider your plans for these docks.

Kathryn Thomson
Bowen Island