The Dock at Lot 13

This week we mocked up an image to convey some idea of how the longest dock will look. A few days later we were finally able to get hold of the actual designs for the dock at Lot 13. The foundations for this dock have already been poured, so our guesswork matches their designs fairly well. We have tried for several weeks to get accurate measurements, and still have not been able to obtain up to date specifications for the other docks. For those we must rely on the approval documents released previously. We would welcome the most recent designs from the owners.

Here is the mockup by Peter Williamson of the new view coming for Cape Roger Curtis.
A photographic rendering of the coming dock

Here is their design update of the side view for the dock at Lot 13, created before the final designs were released through our Freedom of Information request.

designs show a series of columns and a long wharf consisting of an long approach ramp, four 72' spans, and a 56' ramp plus 32' float


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