Municipality Says No to Lot 1 & 14 Docks

BIM chief administrative officer Kathy Lalonde has confirmed the following:

“Bowen Island Municipality has recommended to the Province that the proposed private moorage applications for Lot 1 (File #2410880) and Lot 14 (File
#2410081) at Cape Roger Curtis be refused as they do not conform to draft BIM Bylaw No. 335, 2013.

“Further, the Province was notified of Council’s resolution of June 25, 2013 indicating that Council requests that the Province consider deferring its review of foreshore tenure applications for Bowen Island until Bylaw No. 335, 2013 is adopted.”

The Open House on the dock bylaws is now confirmed for Thursday, July 25, 5 to 8 p.m., Cates Hill Chapel. Details will be posted on the BIM website.