Letter from Rosemary Knight

This letter was sent by Ms. Knight to regulatory officials during the dock application approval process

March 31, 2012
To Whom It May Concern,

I write to express my strongest opposition to this (and any other) application for private moorage along the western shoreline of the property known as Cape Roger Curtis on Bowen Island. Currently there are five applications submitted to your ministry.

The public interest in this property, as legally documented in Bowen Island’s Official Community Plan, has as its highest priority access to a wild coast. During the subdivision approval process for the property, the owners did not provide the required coastal access every 200 m, but instead gave the community a coastal walking trail and access to a beach area. If this private moorage is approved, the coastal walking trail and the beach will be looking out, not on a wild coast, but on a bay filled with floating wharfs, docks, and boats. In addition, these structures would significantly impede public access to the shoreline both from land and from the water. The development of this private moorage would be so unfair to the community given that the developer “traded” the trail and beach access for required coastal access points. The marine Crown Lands, that would be taken over by the moorage, are a treasured part of Bowen Island, and should be preserved in their natural state for all islanders.

Thank you for your careful consideration of this application.

Rosemary Knight
Bowen Island