Leo Frid: A scar on the landscape

Dear Minister Thompson,

I am writing to express my great concern over the development of 4 very large private docks currently underway at Cape Roger Curtis on Bowen Island.  Cape Roger Curtis is a unique place on Bowen Island and Howe Sound which has great value to both residents and visitors from around the province.  My understanding is that under Canadian law, the intertidal zone is to be accessible for all the public to enjoy.  If these docks go ahead there will be a great loss of a public asset that will only benefit a very small number of individuals.  Moneygram fees The proposed docks, if developed will infringe upon this public asset in a number of ways:

1.       The docks will be an eye sore greatly changing the nature of the view scape from one of pristine natural beauty to one dominated by large developments and marine vessels.
2.       The docks and associated breakwaters will change the nature of the currents and wave action, therefore impacting many of the natural processes that create such a unique ecosystem
3.       The docks will cross the intertidal at a number of places creating obstructions for the public to explore this unique intertidal zone as they have a right to do so under Canadian law.

These impacts should not be considered on an individual project by project basis but in the context of an already highly developed coastline in the region and the uniqueness of the location where the developments are proposed.

I was quite surprized to hear that these docks were granted approval given that other much smaller applications have been denied by the ILMB under a similar public outcry as there was for these proposed docks; and would like to understand why the docks were approved.  I urge you do all that is within your power to prevent this development from continuing.

I am cc’ing the mayor and council of Bowen Island because it is my understanding that they have all expressed their opposition to this development; I would like them to understand the level of concern within the community about the nature of this development.

I am also cc’ing the developers as I feel they need to hear and understand that the community is very concerned.  To be perfectly frank, I feel that ultimately creating such a scar on the landscape will in the long run create a loss in value for their land.  They themselves claim on their website that: “This is an impossibly beautiful coastal site. Its untouched shores, whispering brooks, and deep woods are a Pacific Northwestern gem. We are determined to tread upon this land lightly.”  I urge them to live up to their own standards.

Thank you for your consideration,

Leonardo Frid
Bowen Island, BC