Video shows scale of dock under construction

And surprise: it includes a sun deck over the beach.

This video shows four sundeck footings in the foreground, and a line of foundations for a wharf extending into the ocean. In the distance, you can just see the tops of two more wharf foundations under the surface of the water. Beyond that would extend the ramp and floating dock. Bottom line: it’s huge.

In this video our lovely model John runs to the last dry footing to show the scale of the actual dock. And notice in the the water, just under the surface, are two more foundations. The CapeOnBowen assures us that the float portion will be shorter than their 30ft. boat. But it needs to be in water at low tide. The wharf will be about twelve feet high to clear high tide. Breakwaters beyond that were requested by the owners, but turned down by government. They can reapply later if they wish.

We feel that there should be no docks of any kind at the Cape, let alone ones this huge. Our goal is to suspend the project by convincing the owners, Don Ho, Edwin Lee and two holding companies to stop now. Or by supporting Bowen Island Municipal Council and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Resource Managment to suspend it, review the project, and halt all future docks on this iconic landscape.

You can help by contacting Bowen Council and others, signing the petition – we have over 1090 signatures so far but need more – and by donating. There are many costs we are happy to bear, but we want to spread the word farther and faster. Please pass this along using the handy Facebook/Email/Twitter button below.