Dock Bylaw Passes Despite Widespread Opposition

Bowen Island Municipal Council gave third and final reading to the dock bylaw on Mon., Nov. 25, enacting a dock bylaw that fails to protect Cape Roger Curtis.

In a letter sent Nov. 26, Stop The Docks again appealed to Mr. Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations, because our municipal government has not listened:

“Please find attached another letter detailing the public’s continuing concerns and our request that your department take action to protect the public shoreline and sensitive ecosystems at Cape Roger Curtis, Bowen Island, BC. Specifically, there are at least two pending water tenure licence applications for private dock construction which should be denied and continuing failures of the first four approvals granted by your department that require remedy or retraction of approvals. Additionally, the province should act to formally ensure future dock applications at Cape Roger Curtis will not be considered until Bowen Island Municipality completes the second phase of its Land Use Bylaw amendment process. Thank you again for your consideration of this matter.”

Read more of this second request for a ministerial review.


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